Gas purifiers

The semiconductor fabrication process involves a variety of source gases and carrier gases. For the fabrication of higher quality semiconductors, our complete line of gas purifiers allows the user to select the optimal solution for the type of gas used.

Normal-temperature adsorption air purifier MODEL-JAR

The JAR series of air purifier is primarily used for steppers, the zero gas for automobile emissions measurement, and fuel cell gas purification.


  • Provides a lineup of gas purifiers of the ordinary-temperature adsorption type.( The reaction column is operated at high temperature.)
  • Achieves reduction of the concentration of impurities to 1 ppb or less with the aid of our originally developed catalyst.
  • Consistently provides stable, high-purity air with the aid of automatic switching between two (2) or more reactor columns.
  • Achieves lower running costs due to the self-regeneration type absorber.
  • Allows removal of NOx, THC, and VOC.
  • The oxygen concentration before and after gas purifying does not change.
  • Sizes larger than those listed may e available optionally.


Model JAR-3E JAR-6E JAR-9E
Standard flow rate
3 6 9
1,200×650×1,800 1,400×800×1,700 1,800×900×1,800
Weight(kg) 450 640 700

* For the compatible flow rates, please consult with us.


Model JAR
Applicable gas AIR
Inlet Outlet
Max. pressure (MPa) 0.8 Under ⊿0.1
Temp. (℃) 5~35 5~35
CO 2,000 ≦1
CO2 500,000 ≦1
H2 2,000 ≦1
THC(CH4) 2,000 ≦1
H2O 1,780,000 ≦1
NOx 3,000 ≦1
Particle ≧0.1µm

* Available: SOx removing type (adsorption column replacement type) Please consult with us.

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