Privacy Policy

Air Water Mechatronics Inc. (hereafter "AWMX") has established a policy for the protection of personal information and is working to carry out, maintain, and improve it, as described below, in order to ensure the correct handling of personal information received from the customers.

Basic personal information policy
AWMX recognizes the importance of the personal information belonging to customers and clients, and understands that the correct protection of this information is an important company responsibility. The officials and all employees are aware of the importance of and responsibilities for managing personal information, and shall observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and endeavor to correctly handle the personal information assets that are in our company's possession.

Handling of personal information
Personal information received from customers shall be used in order to provide an appropriate response to the customers concerning questions, requests, requests for information, and similar inquiries.
The officials and all employees of AWMX shall not disclose the contents of personal information obtained in the course of company duties to any third party except under the conditions below, and shall not use it for any improper purpose.
In order to carry out this policy, AWMX shall periodically inspect and evaluate the conditions of observance of this policy, and as needed review, maintain, and improve the measures for protection of personal information.
AWMX shall carry out internal training and education activities and strive for complete awareness of the correct handling of personal information, and shall continually review its management systems.


Disclosure of personal information to a third party
AWMX shall not provide the personal information received from customers to a third party except under the conditions enumerated below.

  1. The agreement of the person who the information concerns has been received.
  2. There is a request to disclose the information from a court, law or ordinance, or similar source.
  3. The information is disclosed in a form which prevents individuals from being identified.
  4. Provision of the information is necessary to protect the rights and property of the customer or AWMX.
  5. The information is used jointly with a company in the AWMX group with whom a confidentiality agreement has been concluded in advance, or a company to whom a part of our operations has been consigned. In this case, an agreement shall be concluded which obligates the joint user to observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, in order to prevent leakage of the information or its provision to a third party.


The contact for any inquiries related to personal information shall in general be the division to which the personal information was provided by the individual. The contact is the same in the event that you would like to verify the purposes for which your personal information is used, or have a comment or complaint regarding the handling of personal information. Please contact the division to which you provided the information.