Waste gas cleaner for semiconductors

With our accumulated know-how and field-proven skills related to waste gas treatment essential to the manufacturing of semiconductors, and thanks to a variety of technical innovations and cutting-edge equipment, we can meet increasingly diversified needs.


PIOCLEAN® detoxifying agents chemically adsorb any harmful components and fully remove the harmful substances from waste gas.
As dry agents, Pioclean agents have a number of special characteristics and advantages and are extremely easy to handle.


  • The cartridges chemically adsorb harmful substances in the hydrides and hydrolysable chlorine- and fluorine-based gases to reduce the concentrations to the TLV(threshold limit value )or less.
  • The cartridges are compact and lightweight, saving a substantial amount of space and installation time.
  • Cartridges made of stainless steel and FRP are available. Select according to the intended purpose of use.
  • The use of a dry type detoxifying agent also eliminates the need for a dedicated suction blower due to the smaller pressure loss.
  • Color changes by the sensitive detecting agent can pinpoint precisely the timing of replacement.
  • A valve is installed as standard at the inlet and outlet, improving safety when installing and removing

Example of detoxification agent color change

Stainless steel cartridge *1

Model Dimensions
Nozzle joint*3 Max. flow rate
PCS-08A-□*2 Ø60.5×540 NW20/25 8
PCS-3A-□ Ø114.3×708 NW20/25 30
PCS-7A-□ Ø165.2×778 NW20/25 60
PCS-12A-□ Ø216.3×894 NW32/40 110
PCS-21A-□ Ø267.4×894 NW32/40 160
PCS-31B-□ Ø318.5×1,128 NW32/40 230
PCS-62B-□ Ø406.4×1,313 NW50 400

*1 Anti-corrosion inner coating is available.

FRP steel cartridge

Model Dimensions
Nozzle joint*3 Max. flow rate
PCF-4B-□*2 Ø135×716 NW20/25 40
PCF-10B-□ Ø210×805 NW20/25 100
PCF-20B-□ Ø260×992 NW32/40 150
PCF-50B-□ Ø410×1,246 NW32/40 400
PCF-100B-□ Ø512×1,339 NW50 600
PCF-200B-□ Ø712×1,597 NW50 1,200

*2 in the boxes, Pioclean types are entered in code form.
*3 The nozzle joint figures indicate the cartridge valve joint size.

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Allows safe replacement of exhausted detoxifying columns because they are the cartridge type.

This equipment (series) is designed to detoxify any harmful waste gas emissions cost-effectively and safe through the combination of a simple flow piping system and a PIOCLEAN® cartridge of extremely high throughput.