Waste gas cleaner for semiconductors

With our accumulated know-how and field-proven skills related to waste gas treatment essential to the manufacturing of semiconductors, and thanks to a variety of technical innovations and cutting-edge equipment, we can meet increasingly diversified needs.



  • This equipment (series) is designed to detoxify any harmful waste gas emissions cost-effectively and safe through the combination of a simple flow piping system and a PIOCLEAN® cartridge of extremely high throughput.
  • Additional installation of a gas detector and other optional devices helps improve safety.
  • With the two-column type, less equipment down time is required at cartridge replacement.

Equipment specifications*

Model Number of cartridges Approximate
WGC-08A-2 2 600×400×1,600
WGC-3A-2 2 700×500×1,600
WGC-4B-2 2 800×550×1,600
WGC-7A-2 2 800×500×1,600
WGC-10B-2 2 1,250×600×2,000
WGC-12A-2 2 1,200×500×2,000
WGC-20B-2 2 1,400×600×2,000
WGC-21A-2 2 1,200×500×2,000
WGC-31B-2 2 1,500×700×2,000
WGC-50B-2 2 1,900×800×2,000
WGC-62B-2 2 1,850×850×2,000
WGC-100B-2 2 2,100×1,000×2,000

* A lineup of one-column types is also available.

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PIOCLEAN® detoxifying agents chemically adsorb any harmful components and fully remove the harmful substances from waste gas.

The PIOCLEAN® detoxifying agent to ensure safety in an emergency is a dry type to ensure efficient treatment even under higher airflow.