Waste gas cleaner for semiconductors

With our accumulated know-how and field-proven skills related to waste gas treatment essential to the manufacturing of semiconductors, and thanks to a variety of technical innovations and cutting-edge equipment, we can meet increasingly diversified needs.

PFC catalyst thermal decomposition equipment MODEL-WGF

Allows full decomposition of CF4, C2F6, C5F8 and other PFC(perfluorocarbon), and SF6 and HFC. Eliminates the need for propane and other combustion fuels for the heater heating system, thereby minimizing the emissions of CO2.


  • Eliminates the need for any ancillary facility. Offers space-saving and lower-cost features.
  • Ensures improved safety(flame and fuel are not necessary.)
  • No NOx generation due to the relatively lower decomposition temperature.
  • Requires no after-treatment equipment such as a wet scrubber since the catalyst component is responsible for adsorption and fixation of fluorine. Also keeps the system piping free from any possible corrosion.

Equipment performance

Max. processing capacity
80(including added air)
Max. PFC concentration(%) 1.0*1
PFC decomposition 99.9% or higher
CF4 processing capacity
Target harmful gases CF4、C2F6、SF6、CO、CHF3

*1 The CO concentration is 4.0%.

Flow Diagram (With Pretreatment Column)


Purge N2
Air added
H2O added
small amount
System dimensions
(No pretreatment column)
(With pretreatment column)

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Ensures consistently stable flames independently from the variable flow rates of waste gas, due to the separate design of the combustion nozzle and secondary combustion chamber.

Model WGA is primarily intended for treatment of waste gas from the GaN manufacturing process.