Waste gas cleaner for semiconductors

With our accumulated know-how and field-proven skills related to waste gas treatment essential to the manufacturing of semiconductors, and thanks to a variety of technical innovations and cutting-edge equipment, we can meet increasingly diversified needs.

Emergency Safety Equipment MODEL-WGR

In the event of emissions from any toxic gas cylinder or leakage of toxic gas from any part of the semiconductor manufacturing system (piping, joints, valves, etc.), this equipment draws in the toxic gas and the surrounding air, passes them through the Model PCX cartridge for chemical adsorption and then reduces the concentrations of harmful components to the TLV (threshold limit value) or less.


  • The PIOCLEAN® detoxifying agent to ensure safety in an emergency is a dry type to ensure efficient treatment even under higher airflow.
  • This series detoxifies highly toxic gases to TLV in a short period of time.
  • The system features an extremely low pressure loss, allowing the blower power to be reduced.
  • The entire system is compact-sized, reducing the required installation floor space.
  • The airflow can be automatically switched to emergency exhaust by the leakage signal input through the standard-supply inverter.
  • The PIOCLEAN® detoxifying agent can be replaced easily.
  • The PCX cartridge is equipped with a sampling cartridge to allow checking of residual detoxifying capability at any time.

Flow Diagram

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This equipment (series) is designed to detoxify any harmful waste gas emissions cost-effectively and safe through the combination of a simple flow piping system and a PIOCLEAN® cartridge of extremely high throughput.

Ensures consistently stable flames independently from the variable flow rates of waste gas, due to the separate design of the combustion nozzle and secondary combustion chamber.